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Consultations and Treatment regarding COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines, Long-haul Syndrome, and Vaccine Injuries now available. 


This is a stressful time and trying to sort out fact from fiction can be difficult. Fortunately, you don't have to. I have done that for you.


Whether you are looking for ways to minimize your risk of COVID-19, you have COVID-19, you're a long-hauler, you have to get vaccinated and hope to minimize side effects, or you are suffering side effects of the vaccines, I have you covered. Schedule an appointment today to learn how naturopathic medicine can help you. 

A clinic for those who insist on
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A New Approach to Health

Dr. Stevens is a naturopathic physician who considers herself a medical detective for those who are not finding answers via traditional medicine, helping them regain their health and vitality even if they have already "tried everything."


Special interests include Lyme and tick-borne infections, mold, EBV, chronic fatigue, thyroid, men's and women's hormones, and secondary cancer prevention.

                 Schedule a complementary 15 min Meet and Greet with Dr. Stevens today and discuss options for your pathway to wellness. 

Let's get your life back!

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