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Fees and Financial Policy

Effective January 1, 2024


Consults for COVID-19 shall be billed at $450 for the initial visit. Any return visits requiring medical decision making shall be billed at the return visit rates shown below. 


  • Each new patient is expected to be seen twice. During the first visit, we will thoroughly go over your intake form, a physical exam will be done, lab draws will be ordered if needed, and you will leave with a preliminary treatment plan. Expect this visit to last 1 1/2 - 2 hours for basic visits and up to 4 hours for complex cases. For out-of-town patients and those with mobility issues, this may be done via a Zoom appointment.

  • The second visit is ideally in person, especially if the first appointment was via Zoom as the physical exam will be performed at this time. We will also discuss the results of any lab work, and you will receive a detailed treatment plan. Generally, this is a 60-minute visit.

  • After the first two visits, return visits are generally 30 to 60 minutes each.

  • The first two visits are billed as one at the initial visit. Because of the amount of work done on behalf of the patient between visits, such as research, lab evaluation, and writing of treatment plans, refunds are not available for patients who do not schedule the second visit. The second visit must be scheduled within a month of the first visit or it will be considered a billable return visit. Labs are NOT included in these prices. 


       First Visit – Basic 60-90 minutes                    $650 (e.g. constipation, high lipids, thyroid, etc.)

       First Visit – Complex 120-180 minutes         $1495 (e.g. Lyme, mold, medical mysteries, etc.)

       Second Visit – 60-90 minutes                          included (Must be seen within 1 month of first appointment unless waiting on lab results or                                                                                                                     outside records.)

       Return Visits

             0-15 minutes                                                   $75

            15-30 minutes                                                 $145

            30-45 minutes                                                 $197

            45-60 minutes                                                 $250

            Additional time is pro-rated in 10 minute increments at $42.00 each.


       Patient Portal Responses

  • We are happy to clarify treatment plans and answer questions about scheduling through the patient portal. 

  • For all other questions, if more than 5 minutes is needed to access your chart, study aspects of your case, order supplements, etc., the time will be prorated in 10-minute increments at $42.00 each. 

  • If your inquiry requires further research, if the doctor needs more information from you to answer the questions, or if the inquiry involves discussion of new treatment options or symptoms, we request you schedule an appointment.


       Home visits

            Home visits may be available. Travel time is billed at $120 per hour. There will be a surcharge for home visits according to the shortest       

            distance from the clinic to you and back to the clinic as determined by Google maps:

                        0-10 miles                                            no charge

                        Per mile over 10 miles                      $2.50


Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and personal checks from established patients.


There will be a returned check fee of $30. In this event, payment is due within 15 days. If payment is not received within 15 days, an additional 1.5% monthly penalty will be added to the balance. Two returned checks within one year will result in the loss of being able to pay via check.


We do not accept payments.



When you make an appointment, we reserve that time just for you. We often prepare ahead of time for our visit with you, thus we require at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to make your appointment or request to change your appointment. A change, cancellation, or missed appointment without a minimum 24 hour notice may result in a $100 fee. Exceptions may be made for medical emergencies, severe or inclement weather, or other situations deemed acceptable by the physician. You will receive a reminder text message or an email from us 2 days prior to your scheduled appointment.


We reserve the right to not reschedule "no show" patients - those patients who do not show for an appointment and who did not cancel the appointment.



If you are not a patient of Everhope Clinic but would like us to consult with your physician on your behalf, we charge $250 per hour, billed in 10-minute increments.



We do not bill insurance. However, you may request a service summary with CPT and diagnostic codes (superbill) that you can submit directly to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. It is your responsibility to determine if your insurance company covers our services. We strongly advise you to contact your health insurance company for details about coverage for services provided by naturopathic physicians before your visit if this is important to you. If information beyond a coded bill is requested, we will charge our regular physician billing rate to process those requests.


Dispensary items may not be covered by insurance. However, you may be able to submit to a health savings account. Your treatment plan may serve as a prescription for this purpose if needed.



Unfortunately, none of the services we offer are reimbursable by Medicare, including secondary policies. If you have Medicare, all services and expenses will be an out-of-pocket cost including any laboratory testing.


Medicaid generally covers cost of labs and you can request and submit a service summary for partial reimbursement. 


Electronic messaging:

  • We value your privacy. Thus, we do NOT reply to email or texts concerning health matters.

  • We exclusively use the patient portal for electronic messaging. You will be sent instructions for accessing the patient portal on or before your first visit.

  • Patients are encouraged to send messages through the patient portal. These messages are generally answered quicker than phone messages and is the preferred means of communication.

  • We recognize our treatment plan may not always be clear once you get home and therefore questions concerning the treatment plan are answered at no cost to the patient.

  • Questions outside of the treatment plan or addressing new concerns will require an appointment. 




  • Lab Draw Fee                                                     $20

  • We offer a cash program for labs for those without insurance coverage or those who choose not to run labs through insurance. This is usually significantly less than if the lab billed you directly. Rates are available upon request.

  • Specialty labs will not be sent out without payment first. Please be prepared to pay for your lab work the day it is performed.

  • We change our prices according to what we are charged. Therefore, lab prices are subject to change without notice.


Constitutional Hydrotherapy

      60 min                                                                   $60


      30 min                                                                   $25

      60 min                                                                   $48

      Package of 3 - 30 min sessions – prepaid       $69

      Package of 3 - 60 min sessions – prepaid       $132          


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)    

      Now available by referral to another clinic.​


  • All in-house dispensary items must be paid for at the time of purchase.

  • Please plan ahead in refilling your medications and provide your physician with advance notice so that (s)he can manage time in preparing your items. Many items will need pre-approval from the physician so please do not assume a staff member will be able to assist you or that you will be able to stop by the clinic without calling ahead.

  • Once ordered, items such as tinctures and teas may not be cancelled or returned.

  • Unopened third-party products in perfect condition may be returned within 30 days with credit on account given. No credit will be given after that time.

  • Probiotics may not be returned. 

  • No returns will be accepted for products that have been opened.

  • We change our prices according to what we are charged. Therefore, dispensary prices are subject to change without notice.

  • We will mail items from our in-house dispensary provided the items, postage, and a nominal handling fee has been prepaid.

  • If you request a special dispensary item that we do not typically carry, we will be happy to try to obtain this for you. Please give us plenty of advance notice and be prepared to pay upon ordering. Special orders may not be cancelled or returned once the order is placed.

  • We have on-line dispensary available through Fullscript with free shipping for orders over $50. We always offer 10% off your Fullscript order. 



We will provide you with a free first copy of your medical record/chart notes upon request. Subsequent requests will be charged at $10 per visit record plus any administrative costs incurred (such as copying fees of 25¢ per page, postage, etc.) Upon request and with a qualifying release, records are provided to coordinating physicians and other qualifying health care practitioners free of charge.

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