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Organic and healthy

Fresh from the earth

No hormones, no pesticides

Fruits and veggies for all

A rainbow of colors in every bite

Deep nutrition to feed each and every cell

These are a few of my favorite things

organic, vegetables, fruit, healthy

These are some of my favorite suppliers, ones I use in my own life. Because I am so often asked where to source the various things I use, I wanted to dedicate a page to them as a resource for you. 




  • Bountiful Baskets, nationwide

    • Organic options may be be available. ​

  • Azure Standard, nationwide

    • This is one stopping for many of your edibles (from fresh produce to frozen goods, it's all there) household, pet, and garden needs. Items are delivered to a predetermined drop off point once every two or four weeks. Most drop off sites require you to be present when the truck arrives as there is no way to secure your order for later pickup. Collectively, the entire order for the drop site must exceed $500 for the drop to occur that week so the more people that order the better chance of the drop happening, so be sure to invite your friends.​​​

  • Natural Grocers, nationwide

    • All of the produce they carry is organic. If they don't have something you want, ask. They will often ​order it in for you provided it is available from their supplier. 

Meals Delivery:

Great if access to food is limited, if you don't want to have to shop, if time is tight, if cooking isn't your thing, or you are new to cooking. There are quite a few of these services. Some send the ingredients and you prepare them and some send a fully prepared meal that you just heat and serve. All offer a discount when signing up and there are no commitments. You can try several or the services, or all, for a discount while deciding which one is best for you and your family. 


These are two I have tried. You log in to the website each week and choose your meals so you never end up with something you don't want.  If you choose to prepare the meal yourself, you can read the recipes and all of the detailed instructions and decide if it's a good fit for you. You also choose the number of meals that you want each week or if you want to skip a week. Loads of flexibility. 

  • Blue Apron

    • Not organic, but they do try to source clean and healthy foods.​

  • Green Chef

    • At least part of the meal is organic, usually the veggies but to the animal protein.

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