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Why are the Chinese Saving Lives when the Americans are Not?

You may have noticed I am doing a lot of blogging about COVID-19 this evening. Why? Because I am mad.

Naturopathic physicians have been recommending IV vitamin C (IVC), zinc, vitamin D, and others for at least 6 weeks as helpful in the fight against corona virus. Yet it falls mostly on deaf ears. Although the allopaths are slowly catching up, many continue to be resistant, especially to IVC. They will wring their hands and watch patients die before they will administer a SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and INEXPENSIVE treatment. Fortunately, some physicians are using it including those in NYC.( But others refuse citing excuses such as "the data is too sparse," "the added cost," and "risk to nurses needing to go into patient rooms more often." Let's take a closer look at these excuses.

Stating the data is too sparse ignores the Chinese studies and what is happening in NYC and other locales. And in the midst of a pandemic with a patient literally dying in front of them, they're worried about not having enough data? At best, it does nothing. At worst the patient dies. (Note: IVC has been used for decades, at much higher doses than the Chinese were using, there are many studies showing its safety, and it doesn't kill, but for the sake of argument...) If the choice is the patient dies or the patient dies, why not at least try? Why not give the patient a chance? How many patients die while waiting years for the large randomized controlled trials these people seem to want?

As for the added cost, IVC is about $12 plus the line. Twelve. Freaking. Dollars! Of course, the hospital will charge a significant multiple of that to the patient, but how the hell is that an added cost?

As for the need for the nurses to go into the rooms more often, that's simply an excuse. That's what they do. They provide prescribed care to patients. Is it better to for the patients to die? And these patients are already on IVs.

Starting to see my frustration?

Dr. Paul Anderson has written extensively about IVC and presented a webinar to an international audience. He has made all of this information freely available at so there is no excuse for anyone not being able to access the data.

Below is a link to his protocol paper as well as answers to questions that have come up. He is available to consult on this. Share with any hospital physicians you may know. IVC can and does save lives.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE “Hospital IVC Protocol” AND NORMAL OUTPATIENT IVC PRACTICE: ...the following is an answer to those questions:

Excellent clarifying points. There are two protocol ideas which are mostly dependent on outpatient versus inpatient status. I'll summarize below:

In Hospital Protocols: The Chinese "Shanghai Expert Panel" which among MANY other things was using IVC in the COVID-19 positive patient population had around three dose strategies but they essentially were low doses given 24/7 on continuous infusions via pump or open metered infusion. The news called them "high dose" as it is more vitamin C than anyone eats - but they are low continuous doses. So: - They don't oxidize - They don't need G6PD - Almost any renal function will handle them And of the 50 patients getting IVC in hospital on this continuous basis none died and the average hospital stay was 3-5 days shorter. The larger group (initial Shanghai Expert Panel patient base from which the 50 came) was around 350+ COVID-19 patients. ** Only problem translating this to outpatient is, you can't. They had 24/7 IV access and the patients were going nowhere. ** Why does this work and the patients don't die - even as I see in comments on FB "It's not the high doses we usually use"? They generally don't need oxidation in the inpatient setting. The continuous drip allows the antioxidant milieu in the lung and RBC (the two places that kill a COVID patient fastest) to constantly be balanced so the appropriate amount of inflammation to trigger immune response happens BUT also there are antioxidant substrates for those (and all other tissues) to not over-react ('cytokine storm' etc.) This link has the executive summary I wrote for US / Canadian Hospitals to mimic that protocol should they want to and also are PDF's of the Shanghai Expert Panel publication in English and Mandarin.

Outpatient Protocols: More of what "we" may do. - If labs are OK I have found 50-75 gram IVC (the ones we have in all the IVMNT classes) given with an added 50 mg Zinc are great in the first 1-2 days after fever starts and seems to truncate the viremia. - Also a vitamin C and other nutrients type formula is good if they need a mix of nutrients and IVC - I have consulted with someone who is COVID-19 positive and they have a nurse and IV supplies so they are getting 25 grams a day dripped over 4 hours and are on normobaric O2 since they are unstable. It is to mimic the hospital strategy and MOA above.

So treat what you see, and generally you cannot mimic (in most cases) the hospital protocols, but if the person is outpatient and not needing a hospital the above ideas seem to work in my experience.

Paul Anderson

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